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About – Oasis Medical Aesthetics and Wellness

Oasis Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, located in Walpole, Massachusetts, is a new concept in addressing your health and wellness needs in a comprehensive manner. We aim to reach your aesthetic goals along with improving your medical health at the same time. Oasis Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, located in Walpole, MA is a new concept in meeting your medical aesthetics needs. Our Medical Director Dr. Zainab Nawab ensures to offer thorough consultation for all treatments. Under her guidance, we aim to achieve and maintain the best results for you.

Our staff consists of an onsite licensed medical director, several trained medical staff members to perform your treatment, and a lovely office staff to welcome you. Our initial consultations are performed by our trained medical staff, followed by a final consultation from our medical director. Our goal is to help you become a newer and healthier YOU!

Oasis Medical Aesthetics
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