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Alopecia Treatment in Walpole | Microneedling for Hair Loss Treatment

Take Optimal Alopecia Treatment To Regrow Your Hair

Do you find hair strands scattered around whenever you comb & wash your head? Although it’s normal but in some cases heavy hairfall indicates Alopecia disease which is a common autoimmune disorder. Patients majorly complain of uncontrolled loss of hair over the scalp with certain pattern & coin-sized patches. If you are suffering from unpredictable hair loss problem, you must visit a leading Aesthetic clinic for alopecia treatment in Walpole and its nearest regions.

Microneedling: The best hairloss treatment

Microneedling is the most effective treatment to promote hair growth with minimal invasion. In this process, a device is used to puncture the scalp with multiple tiny microneedles to stimulate the skin and minoxidil solution is used to trigger the growth of hair follicles.

Taking Microneedling for alopecia treatment is the best step if you want positive results in less time. Usually, patients experience visible hair growth within one or 2 months of undergoing this hair treatment. With minimal downtime & pain, Microneedling for alopecia treatment can be done quickly while a patient can get back to work just after undergoing a treatment.

Laser treatment: Another way to regrow hair

Apart from Microneedling, laser-based treatment is also done against hairloss. Alopecia is caused due to the inflammation of the skin tissue and laser is the best alternative to control heavy hairloss condition. Lasers are used for Alopecia treatment to increase the blood flow & stimulate the production of hair growth components deep inside the scalp.

Alongside hairloss treatment, this technique is also used to reduce acne scars, blemishes, & other signs of skin damage. Laser treatment for acne is the most effective method to destroy red marks, pimples, brown spots, dark patches, wrinkles, & spider veins in just few minutes. An intense pulse light (IPL) is directed on the target areas & your acne will disappear without any pain & downtime.

Both alopecia treatment for hair loss & laser treatment for acne are completely safe & deliver excellent results in 2-3 procedures.

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