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Best Warts Removal With Laser Treatment and kills the HPV virus

At Laven Clinic, We treat a large number of warts, all types. Obviously we took advantage of our extensive Laser experience and the numerous laser systems at our disposal to refine and execute the best treatment possible to our warts patients , whether their warts were simple common warts ( Verruca ) on fingers, hands, face, soles of feet, back..etc or Genital warts on penile shaft, labial or Vaginal walls, Peri- anal skin or inside the anal canal. Our bias for Laser ( as opposed to other methods of wart treatments ) has its reasons, it is really the only tool that removes the wart, kills the virus at its base and gives best cosmetic results in one shot. We do warts laser treatments during regular visit, no special prep is needed, we will counsel our patients and advise them on all other aspects of their disease.

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