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Christie’s to sell Paul Allen’s art collection worth $ 1 billion

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Christie’s to sell Paul Allen’s art collection worth $ 1 billionChristie’s to sell Paul Allen’s art collection worth $ 1 billion

This sales are expected to be the largest in history for private collections. The impressive cache from Microsoft Co-Founder ranges from Claude Monet to David Hockney.
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In the latest eye development of the art world, Christie’s Auction House announced Thursday that they would sell Microsoft’s founding art collections Paul Allen, who in 2018. The Trove, which included the great work by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Roy Lichtenstein, estimated to be more than $ 1 billion. Sales of more than 150 works of art that cover 500 years – takes place on an unspecified date in November – will be the largest in the history of the auction. Christie said that it would dedicate all results to philanthropy, as directed by Allen. “This is the main event for the art market and for the world of art,” said Guillaume Cerutti, CEO of Christie’s, in a telephone interview. “The fact that it embraces five centuries of great arts – from Bottilli to David Hockney, plus, of course, the figure of Paul Allen is very inspiring, plus the fact that sales are dedicated to philanthropy – we are truly touched by this extraordinary project we are active. That is something very special. ” Although it continues from Pandemi, foreign war and soaring inflation, the art market continues to surge, prove – as always – that the richest collectors are mostly isolated from world chaos. The market in 2021 produced $ 65.1 billion, according to an annual survey issued by Art Basel and UBS. In May, Andy Warhol’s 1964 Silk-Screen of Marilyn Monroe’s Face, “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn,” sold for about $ 195 million to an unknown buyer at Christie’s in New York, making it the highest price achieved for any American . Advertisement

Earlier this year, the second cache of modern and contemporary works owned by King Real Estate Harry Macklowe and his ex -wife Linda Macklowe helped Sotheby achieve sales records for private art collections at the auction, $ 922 million. In 2018, David’s treasure and Peggy Rockefeller set the highest $ 833 million for the most valuable private collections sold at the auction, exceeding a total of $ 443 million for the Yves Saint Laurent collection in 2009. Among the interesting things from the works of Allen Estate to be sold are acrylic-and-blind collages Johns “Start False Small”, estimated to carry more than $ 50 million, and “La Montagne Sainte-Victoire” by Paul Cézanne “La Montagne Sainte-Victoire “, Paul Cézanne Paul Cézanne Paul Cézanne is estimated to be more than $ 100 million. But there are also some old master. Other details of exactly which ones will be offered are not available. “This is very

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Art - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Art - Purple Foxy Ladies

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