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Conversations | NFTs in the Art World: Beyond the Hype

Art - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Art - Purple Foxy Ladies

Conversations | NFTs in the Art World: Beyond the HypeConversations | NFTs in the Art World: Beyond the Hype

After the rush to drop NFTs, this panel considers how artists are using the possibilities of blockchain technology to consider decentralised spaces for distributing and selling works.  

Dan DeNorch is the co-founder of Folia, an Ethereum-based platform for exhibiting and collecting NFTs. Folia has exhibited and collaborated on projects with a broad range of artists including Petra Cortright, Joan Heemskerk of JODI, Harm van den Dorpel, and Oliver Laric. 

Simon Denny is an artist and curator working with installation, sculpture, print and NFTs. He makes projects that unpack the social and political implications of the technology industry and the rise of social media, startup culture, blockchain and cryptocurrency. During Art Basel this year Denny’s sculptural work is featured at the Kunsthalle Basel in the exhibition Information (Today), which he has also made a special NFT for as a fundraiser for the Kunsthalle. 

Holly Herndon is an American multi-disciplinary artist. Her work involves augmentation of her voice and image, facilitated by critical research in Artificial Intelligence and decentralized infrastructure. She recently distributed ownership of her voice to the Holly+DAO, and publishes her thoughts through the Interdependence podcast. 

María Paula is the co-founder of JPG, a protocol for NFT curation. She’s been researching and working in the NFT and blockchain art space since early 2018, through the grassroots organization she founded in Berlin, Department of Decentralization.

Holly Herndon, artist, Berlin 
Maria Paula Fernandez, Co-founder at JPG, Berlin  
Dan DeNorch, Founder, Folia, Berlin 

Moderator: Simon Denny, artist, Berlin 

originally published at Art - Trend Magazine

Art - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Art - Purple Foxy Ladies

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