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Coolsculpting in Boston MA – oasisaesthetic

Coolsculpting in Boston, MA comes with the latest technology to offer treatments that are comfortable, effective and take lesser time. Book your coolsculpting consultation today to get fat cells naturally eliminated from the body.

Unbalanced body fat is just like a spot on the beauty. It not only leads towards various health issues but also makes a person conscious. There are times and situations in one’s life when no matter what technique they adopt, losing such fat becomes troublesome process. Even after performing several hours of yoga, gyming or workouts, people fail to acquire a toned body shape. This problem gets automatically solved with the introduction of Coolsculpting technique that is quite in vogue for reducing unnecessary fat bulges.

What is Coolsculpting?

The CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared fat-freezing procedure, non-invasive treatment that helps you get rid of unwanted body fat without having to put effort into exercising. This is a non-surgical fat-reduction procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat. The Coolsculpting are ✓Results Proven ✓Safe ✓Effective ✓noticeable ✓No Surgery ✓No Needles ✓No Downtime ✓Long Term Results and lasting—so you’ll look great from every angle.

How Coolsculpting treatment in Boston, MA reduces stubborn fat without using surgery?

The procedure makes use of a technology, “cryolipolysis” wherein the intense cold is offered to the fat bulges. This in turn freezes the fat cells to a state where they collapse or die. The fat cells start freezing at a higher temperature than the skin, muscle and nerve. The technique destroys fat cells, while leaving the surrounding tissues undamaged. The destroyed fat cells are destroyed after 2-3 months following the treatment.

What are the major areas that can be treated with Coolsculpting in Boston?

Coolsculpting in Boston is a technique followed to reduce fat bulges in varied parts like stomach, bra fat, inner or outer thigh bulges and so on. It is the only FDA cleared technique that reduces subcutaneous fat on multiple areas of the body as mentioned previously. There are other areas that can be targeted as well, like:

  • Abdomen (muffin top or belly pouch)
  • Hips & flanks (love handles)
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Back fat
  • Fat under the buttocks
  • Fat below the chin
  • Fat pads above the knees

This is an entirely non-surgical process free from incisions. There is no trouble, irritation or awkwardness experienced during the treatment. The downtime associated with the process is also negligible. This is one of the most advanced and practiced body contouring procedures that helps eliminate extra fat deposits. The battle of the bulge continues to emerge if we do not adopt a proven technique like Coolsculpting.

Is it possible to resume activities after the Coolsculpting treatment in Boston, MA?

Since the procedure is completely non-surgical, patients can return to their activities immediately. So, once the session is over, patients can immediately get back to their work.

How much fat can be treated with Coolsculpting treatment in Boston, MA?

Based on the research, it has been observed that Coolsculpting treatment can eliminate fat bulge up to 25%. It is not a weight loss procedure, however, it is great for reducing small to moderate fat bulges. It appears to be the great solution for patients who want to reduce fat in one or two specific areas. It helps patients achieve body goals in one of the finest ways.

Being a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, this technique offers results that have proven to last longer. The treatment is precise enough to meet the growing needs of patients. At Coolsculpting in Boston, MA, a treatment plan is chosen to identify the key areas to treat. With safety mechanisms in place, this treatment keeps the skin healthy and acquires optimal aesthetic results.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

All those having stubborn and noticeable bulges in different portions of the body should opt for this non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Any kind of unwanted fat that resists diet and exercise carves for Coolsculpting procedure.

Are there any kind of side effects?

During the procedure, pulling, pinching, numbness or discomfort is experienced. Rare side effects like redness is also seen, however the treatment is not prescribed for everyone.

Patients suffering from cryoglobulinemia should not opt for the procedure. You need to ask the practitioner if the remedy is suitable for you or not.

What to expect after consulting Coolsculpting doctors in Boston, MA?

Consulting with the practitioner is the first step before moving towards Coolsculpting treatment in Boston, MA. This plan targets the needs to deliver immediate results. The treatment is the right solution to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. There is no risk of complications with Coolsculpting treatment. After appointment at Coolsculpting clinic in Boston, MA, the practitioners review treatment goals and prepares the patient by applying a gel pad to the affected area. Some pulling or sensation is experienced 5-10 minutes after which the applicator is placed on the treatment area.

If you are interested in this procedure, you need to book an appointment today for Coolsculpting treatment in Boston, MA. Coolsculpting doctors in Boston, MA will be pleased to assist you. Our patients have seen 20% improvements with this comfortable procedure that takes about an hour or two.

Is there a need to follow a strict diet and exercise program?

There is no requirement of pills or any diet program.

What happens if a patient starts gaining weight again?

You need to take better care o yourself. However, if you still gain weight, it might be all over the body not only in the treated areas.

How much does the Coolsculpting procedure in Boston, MA cost?

Coolsculpting price in Boston, MA vary upon the areas of concern, number of sessions and ultimate body goals. Coolsculpting Boston prices can only be known depending on the customized treatment plan which is tailored to the budget and body requirements.

Is Coolsculpting in Boston safe?

Do not let yourself be scared with the word “sculpting” as the procedure is completely away from incision. This is one of the most renowned procedures available in the market when it comes to fighting with the battle of bulge. Coolsculpting in Boston, MA is one of the FDA-cleared, safe and effective treatments for non-surgical fat reduction.

When will I see the results after Coolsculpting treatment in Boston, MA?

One may start to see changes within 3 weeks after the treatment. Patients will experience the most dramatic results after 2-3 months. However the body will still flush out fat cells and this process continues up to 6 months after the treatment.

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