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Coolsculpting – Tips One Should Take Care

If you list the popular health treatments available in the marketplace, Coolsculpting is a major term which is wide acceptable in today’s arena. It can be understood as a medical procedure with which one can reduce excess fat cells from his body. But a noticeable fact here is, you are reducing fat not weight. It is due to the logic that applies to the fat cells that whenever a person gains or loses his weight, it does not make any difference in the number of fat cells. Rather, it alters the size of fat cells.

Coolsculpting, also known as Cryolipolysis is a cosmetic procedure that allows fat cells to freeze and result in a toned appearance to your trouble body areas including waist, stomach and buttock area. During this process, a special tool is used at certain parts of the body to make it reach to the freezing temperature. With this, the fat cells of that particular area are frozen and killed.

These dead fat cells are broken down in natural manner and drained out from your body via your liver. Coolsculpting is becoming a predominant trend as this technique is non-surgical, non-invasive and employs recovery in no time.

When we are considering the entire working process, possible outcomes are also noteworthy.

Let’s look at few common post-issues of Coolsculpting:

Pain or aching

After Coolsculpting, you might feel pain, aching or stinging at the treatment site. Its probable reason might be the intense cold temperatures with which your skin and tissues are exposed for long. Researches have proved that these post treatment effects last for around 3 to 10 days and vanish on their own afterwards.

Swelling or redness

A basic Coolsculpting treatment affects the skin in different ways, a bit similar to frostbite (where fatty tissues below the skin are targeted). One might feel swelling, bruising, skin sensitivity and even temporary redness due to long exposure to cold temperatures.

Tugging sensation

In Coolsculpting process, the doctors put a roll of fat between two cooling panels on your body part which is to be treated. This might produce a sensation of tugging for the passage of time a person undergoes the treatment. Usual time is around 2 hours in a general operation.


Coolsculpting is a profitable fat-elimination process where you do not need to employ any complex surgery. It only takes 2-3 hours in general and after-effects are manageable. The only consideration is, you should meet a reliable expert for Coolsculpting.

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