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Did Gwen Stefani have plastic surgery? | What happened?! | Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Explains

In this video, Dr. Zelken explores controversy and media frenzy surrounding changes and Gwen Stefani’s facial appearance. In mid-September 2022, Dr. Zelken received a notification that his vlog ( featuring Gwen Stefani, published more than a year earlier, was trending. In fact, there was a 1000% increase in page views. This got Dr. Zelken’s attention, leading to a quick Google search. Indeed, changes in Gwen Stefani’s facial appearance was trending after her appearance on a late-night TV show. Indeed, snapshots captured from live feed were confusing, if not jarring.

The previous video:

In a previous video, Dr. Zelken celebrated Gwen Stefani’s natural beauty and suggested that she had not undergone facial plastic surgery. Her eternal youth was more a result of vertical maxillary excess than fillers and knives. The community was quick to step in and disagree, stating that she had clearly undergone rhinoplasty, if not dozens more operations. Dr. Zelken’s intent was to discuss facial aging, identify facial features that favor youthful appearance, and distinguish plastic surgery from injectables and toxins. He also encouraged his growing audience to respect public figures who deny having undergone surgery and to avoid speculation, especially when speculation may be damaging to said figure. A lukewarm response by his audience was speculative, but mostly appreciative of Dr. Zelken’s thoughts.

Then versus now:

But this time, it is different. Because Gwen Stefani truly looks different. It is undeniable that she has undergone some sort of treatment, and Dr. Zelken took to this opportunity to offer his opinion.

A Message from Dr. Zelken:

When I watched the video of Gwen on the Seth Meyers show, I was confused. Half of me thought that Mrs. Stefani appeared younger and attractive but different, and half of me thought she looked older and ill. But all of me maintains that these changes, though drastic, may not be a result of plastic surgery. Her hair and wardrobe, and even her attitude, came across as juvenile. My fellow Gen-X’er acted like a woman half her age. And this was a wonderful thing, she seemed happy; her inner glow was sexy and infectious. Her cheeks were fuller than in photos taken a decade ago. Her brows no longer tailed off laterally. Her lips were plump. Of course, she had something done. But not necessarily surgery. Fillers, threads, and other nonsurgical procedures can produce these changes. Still, one must not underestimate the impact of makeup, wardrobe, and the expression of self-confidence.

I did see inflammation, wrinkles below her eyes, and a swollen face. I did not see any obvious physical evidence of scars or stigmata of facelift surgery ( Although procedures exist that minimize scarring, and hair styles can conceal scars, Mrs. Stefani maintains that she has not had facial plastic surgery. Therefore, there is no reason to believe she did. When this follow-up video was published, it went viral (compared to my typical educational post), and the comments were disappointing. I chose to disable the comments on this video to protect the No Doubt singer, were she ever to read them, and to eliminate the evolving and hilarious suspicion that I was somehow paid by Gwen or her agents to address speculation that she had plastic surgery.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken
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