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Euphoria’s Zendaya: Plastic Surgery ALMOST Natural

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Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is almost natural.I will present pictures from her past and present that show what procedures she may have undergone. This is the second installment in my “Almost Natural” series of shorter videos that showcase celebrities who have only had minor, or subtle work done, that slip under the radar of the masses when it comes to plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Zendaya is naturally beautiful with her deep set eyes, beautiful smile, and a petite heart shaped face. Let’s look at Zendaya’s past, and compare over time to see what she may have done to her looks. We can see a first change was made to her eyes, then a change to her nose, which was very subtle, and then we move on to her cheeks which had a noticeable difference as shown in the video. Alongside the facial changes, I also highlight body changes and what caused them.

She started her career in Disney productions and kidzbop. As she gew, so did her roles, from a bruno mars music video to spots in movies such as the award winning greatest showman and now the US box office record breaking Spiderman: No way home, and recently the controversial new show, Euphoria. She is currently dating fellow actor Tom Holland, whom she has worked with for the last 3 Spiderman films. Zendaya is also extremely popular in social media, with over 127m followers on instagram alone, making her one of the most followed people on the platform. Zendaya is also worth tens of millions of dollars at age 25, very impressive for her age and with such a long career ahead.
Zendaya is starring in Euphoria on HBO which is a hit television series about young adults during a time of social media

One of the first cosmetic procedures Zendaya had was Invisalign braces; Invisalign braces are clear teeth Aligners. Invisalign braces work well but have to be worn very consistently.

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

Special Thanks to Miss J from Miss J’s forum; much of my knowledge was garnered from her.

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