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Fight Against Alopecia with the best hair loss treatment in Franklin, MA

Uncontrolled hair loss is a major problem for every generation. Due to stress, unhealthy diet and excessive usage of chemicals, our hair growth is affected directly. There are many other reasons behind consistent hair loss such as after-results of chemotherapy treatment and other environmental factors. People who are suffering from the heavy hair loss problem in continuous cycle are advised to visit a dermatologist for the diagnosis of Alopecia and prescription for the hair loss treatment in Franklin. The disease named Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that leads to unpredictable hair loss in humans.

Mainly, the abnormal hair loss problem is treated through the microneedling technique which is extremely effective and beneficial for both men and women. Today, the patients with common hair loss issues are accepting the Alopecia treatment in Franklin as it is more convenient and favorable for everyone. As Alopecia is a known hair loss disease, it can be diagnosed along with some symptoms and early signs like:

  • Coin-sized patches of baldness on scalp
  • Diminished eyelashes and beard
  • Itching and burning on scalp before hair fall
  • Regrowth of white hair over the affected areas
  • Low hair volume with damaged hair follicles
  • White spots & lines are observed on the nails

After observing all these symptoms, the dermatologist determines Alopecia with the several tests and initial check up. Even if it is not diagnosed anyhow, then the physician may perform a skin biopsy or a blood test.

The patient prescribed for the hair loss treatment in Franklin is usually treated with the help of Collagen PIN which is more effective and painless than rollers. With this automated device, 36 microneedles are used for making micro-injuries in the scalp and in this way, the upper layer of the scalp called dermal papilla is injected with Rogaine (minoxidil) components which are useful for stimulating the stem cells and blood supply.

Most of the Alopecia treatment in Franklin are carried out using the microneedling technique as this traditional method requires less time and offers more convenience to the patients. Moreover, this typical hair loss treatment in Franklin is developed for fast recovery and the best results.

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