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Hydrocele Laser Treatment | Best Treatment for Hydrocele | Pristyn Care

Hydrocele is a type of swelling in the scrotum that occurs when the fluid collects in the thin sheath surrounding the testicles. It’s not usually dangerous. It is treated when it starts causing pain or when it decreases the blood supply to the penis even though it’s rare.

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One in every ten male infants suffers from hydrocele at the time of their birth due to the abnormal development of the scrotal region during gestation. Older boys and adult men may develop hydroceles due to a variety of reasons including infection, injury, inflammation, and trauma.

In hydrocele, the patient may not feel the pain. Symptoms of Hydrocele include:
Inflammation in the testicles which may increase with time
Heaviness in the scrotum
Sudden severe pain in the scrotum (in case of injury)

After this, the doctor may also recommend blood and urine tests to help determine if the patient has an infection, such as epididymitis. The doctor may also go for an ultrasound to help rule out hernia, testicular tumor or other causes of scrotal swelling.

Laser hydrocelectomy is a painless and minimally invasive procedure. It also ensures that the problem of hydrocele does not reappear. This technique is used to drain out the fluid from the hydrocele and allows it to heal. There is nothing to be afraid of modern laser hydrocelectomy. It is the safest and most effective procedure to cure hydrocele. It involves no incision or cut on the scrotum and takes about only 30 minutes to complete.

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