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I Asked A Plastic Surgeon For The Celebrity Secrets To Staying Young

In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Dr. Andrew Jacono, a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, author, and creator of MADE, a minimally invasive hybrid facelift—the secret behind celebrities’ inability to age.

He joined me to discuss everything around plastic surgery, including what goes into procedures, downsides, different techniques, ethical implications, how Dr. Jacono got into this line of work, his work with charities, a day in his life, and more.

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[00:00] Intro
[03:51] Male vs. Female Patients
[06:11] Average Patient’s Age
[07:37] Rejuvenation
[09:16] Balancing the Face
[09:37] Typical Procedure
[12:11] Celebrities
[15:05] Downsides
[17:00] Non-surgical Anti-aging Techniques
[20:09] Fat Grafting vs. Facelifts
[23:50] Correlation: Apparent Age & Lifespan
[26:16] Ethics of Self-enhancement
[32:09] Social Media
[37:18] Bad Surgeons
[39:29] Dr. Jacono’s Story
[41:51] Cleft Palate
[43:51] Pulsed-Dye Lasers
[47:22] A Day in the Life
[49:08] Overworking
[50:03] Seeing (Better) Faces
[52:25] Outro
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