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I finally tried Halo Laser Treatment…

I’ve been wanting to try Halo for awhile now. A friend got it maybe 2 years ago and it took years off of her skin so my interest was pretty much an obsession. I’ve thought about C02 as well but, this type of laser treatment offers less downtime than others (five – six days to be exact). They’re an investment (HALO treatments start at $1,500) so I kept putting it off. Years went by and my doctor had one in his office on loan so we made a deal. I make a video diary of the treatment and they target fine lines around my eyes and pigment spots that I got during pregnancy and from spending too much time on the beach! I can honestly say the before and after impressed even me. I can’t believe the dark spots that came off and also can’t believe I used to walk around with those thinking I didn’t need Halo. (Kidding mostly… we don’t NEED any of this) Watch to see how well this worked.

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