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Jaya Ahsan's skin problem | Best Laser Treatment In Bangladesh | Laser Treat by Dr. Shamim

Joya Ahsan opening up about her skin problems and how she came to find the best skin solutions in Bangladesh and beyond.

Presenting Joya Ahsan’s Testimonial for Laser Treat BD By Dr. Shamim.
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Welcome to Laser Treat. Laser Treat is the premier & super specialized laser & cosmetic surgery clinic providing skin analysis, aesthetic treatment & cosmetic surgery. Our knowledgeable & experienced staffs have extensive backgrounds & experience in laser, dermatology & skin care. We are different because we care about your positive results, because we care, we use the highest quality laser & personally I consult every patient before all treatment.

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Our procedures are performed exclusively by me & qualified dermatologist, who continuously attend advanced training, seminars & educational courses to stay on the fore front of this rapidly evolving field. (

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