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Important Points You Need To Know Before Starting Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment for hair removal is all about reducing the number of unwanted hairs in the affected area. It functions by heating the hair follicles to prevent new hairs from growing. The therapy uses high heat laser beams as mild form of radiation to damage hair follicles. If these hair follicles are destroyed, then hair production is temporarily disabled. This technique works best with darker hair colors and light skin tones. Laser hair removal is relatively a quick process. The most prominent areas for laser hair removal are, chest, back, shoulders, face, neck, bikini line and so on.

Listed below is some detailed information about the treatment. Let’s explore them:

Use of a concentrated beam of light

As discussed above, the treatment uses a cosmetic laser that comes with advanced settings to both your skin and hair type. Further, a concentrated beam of light is fired that is directed at the pigment in your hair follicles. This destroys the follicle at its root and further prevents suckers from growing back.

Say “NO” to sun before the treatment

People affected with sunburn should definitely stay away from the treatment. So, in short, summers might not be the perfect time to go ahead with the treatment. So, if you are a huge fan of going around in the sun, it is recommended to opt for treatment in the winters.

Say “NO” to spray tans, tanning lotion and tanning beds

Avoid using spray tans and other tanning lotion before the treatment. The results might not be good and as expected.

A small test patch will do great

Since we know that everyone has a different skin type and the reaction to the same is also different. There are some skin types that might end up resulting into pigment problems, scarring, discoloration etc. This is the reason it becomes important to allow a physician conduct a small test patch at first.

Getting phenomenal results take time

Laser hair removal takes between 5-6 sessions to see phenomenal results. The time of treatment is also likely to vary. It also depends on the area that is being treated. Underarms and bikini line allow for quick treatments but other areas of the body like legs and back can take a little longer.

Consistency is the key to improved results

People who observe the best results typically go for treatment every 4-6 weeks. This in turn maximizes the potential and allows the dead hair shaft to fall on their own.

In short, laser hair removal is an effective technique that tends to remove 100% of unwanted hair. To ensure the best results, you need to consult a skilled practitioner who delivers the highest quality service in a professional and friendly way. An expert will begin every new treatment with an in-depth analysis. Therefore, chances of failures will be zero to negligible. Get rid of unwanted hairs by getting in touch with the best practitioner today.

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