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Laser Treatment for Acne Scars – Pre & Post Care Instructions -Dr. Tina Ramachander| Doctors' Circle

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Dr. Tina Ramachander | Phone 📞: 080 4091 3394 (Online & in-person appointment can be booked online or by call) | Consultant Dermatologist & Dermatosurgeon | Dr. Tina’s Skin Solutionz, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore, India
Acne scar while I would like to clarify pre-treatment and post-treatment is a very important aspect of it. So acne scar therapy is a fairly invasive sort of a laser-based or surgical based therapy. So I would like the skin of my patient to be well hydrated and sun protected along with certain applications which are customized according to the skin type of the patient. Now acne can happen in sensitive dry skin and in oily skin so it’s not that one cream fits everybody. So I would like to prepare the patient’s skin by telling them to use the right kind of products and also protect themselves from the sun and then plan for the laser. Now once your acne scar laser is done which is usually a fractional carbon dioxide laser or Nd:YAG laser, the patient is advised on how he can restart these applications and what are the healing creams. So in our practice we usually give calming barrier repair creams as the first contact creams and also certain creams to prevent secondary infection. The patient has already planned the fact that he cannot be working or going out in the sun for the next five days to one week and there are certain simpler procedures for which they may require a weekend off but everything has to be catered according to the depth of the laser used and what is a procedure planned. So very day that the procedure is done the patient usually uses ice and calms the skin, uses these barrier repair creams as I have shared along with an antibiotic cream. The next day he will wash just with water and no soaps or face washes are done for at least a day and that evening they restart their application and which is a simple addition of facewash, moisturizer and sunscreen. So after a week they restart on all their night applications which are stronger like a retinol, AHA, etc. So this is how we take care of the skin. So summarizing it I would say the most important is protection from sun exposure, even warmth heat exposure, no using makeup for the stipulated time, no scrubbing and also making sure you’re reintroducing your creams at the right time. If you overdo it, it always leads to repercussions. So always be clear on how you have to take care pre and post the procedure both are equally important.

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