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Laser Treatment For Hemorrhoids Malaysia | Real Hemorrhoids Patient and Doctor’s Perspective

Sharing From Two Real Haemorrhoids Patients – Ms. Hon and En. Zam, who have just completed their Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment in a month and one day ago respectively.

What is Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment?
Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment is the latest minimally invasive treatment, as a result majority of people have never heard of it. In fact, this treatment has been established in Malaysia for about 6 years and many doctors in other states of Malaysia are also practicing this method. It is a very common treatment.

The principle of laser treatment, in short, laser energy seals off the blood vessels which supply blood to the haemorrhoids. When there is no blood supply to the haemorrhoids, the tissue will shrink eventually. It only takes few weeks for the haemorrhoids to shrink completely. During these periods, patients usually will not feel pain.

Journey of Ms. Hon
Ms. Hon has seek for second opinion before making up her decision for Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment. During her second consultation, she was offered for Stapler Haemorrhoidopexy (PPH) however she refused to proceed after doing research online due to the risk of surgery and there will be wounds left behind which may cause discomfort.

After laser, she felt mild pain on the external as there is a wound on the skin of anal region, but she did not feel any pain internally (region where laser is applied). Laser treatment does not affect her activities of daily living and that she resumes back to work after resting at home for 2 days. She felt very comfortable after Laser Treatment.

Journey of En. Zam
One day when En. Zam went to toilet, he was frightened by seeing the amount of blood after bowel movement and even worst that he felt dizzy afterwards. That is when En. Zam started to take it seriously and went for Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment.

After laser, En. Zam feels completely well and able to sit comfortably even though it was a haemorrhoids surgery in the anal region a day ago, but he does not feel pain at all. En. Zam feels grateful that he has undergone Laser Treatment for haemorrhoids and he advises not to ignore if you observe any bleeding/blood spots while defecating (passing motion) like him, he would never have expected that he could have anaemia because of haemorrhoids.

What are the side effects or any radiation to the body after Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment?
This is a medical grade laser that release a controlled amount of energy to the haemorrhoidal tissue, which will not cause any damage to the other tissues. Hence, it is very safe. There is no side effects or radiation to the body.

What is the risk of recurrence after Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment?
Every haemorrhoids surgery has the risk of recurrence. Based on Dr. Seow’s experiencing in practicing Laser Haemorrhoids for 3 years, he has not seen a patient with haemorrhoids recur after laser.

What to expect after Open Haemorrhoids Surgery?
🔸 There will be the risk of infection due to open wounds
🔸 Possible complications such as stricture, incontinence and long wound recovery
🔸 Special care on the wound to prevent wound complications such as bleeding and infections
🔸 The wounds will take about 3-4 weeks to heal completely

What to expect after Stapler Haemorrhoidopexy?
🔸 Possible risk of injuring the sphincter muscle, which may lead to incontinence (loss of bowel control)
🔸 Haemorrhoidal tissue will be removed in the form of doughnut, leading to risk of stricture

What to expect after Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment?
🔸 Expect fast recovery and good quality of life
🔸 Able to sit on the bed after surgery and without movement restriction
🔸 Does not require special wound care as there will not be any open wound
🔸 Risk of complications such as wound infections, stricture and incontinence is very low

Will it be very painful after Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment?
🔸 Least pain with laser: pain score of 2-3
🔸 Moderate pain with stapler: 4-5
🔸 Painful with open surgery: 8-9

Chapters breakdown:
0:00 Introduction (preview)
1:12 Journey of a real haemorrhoids patients – Ms. Hon (Mandarin)
4:05 Theory of Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment
4:31 How does Ms. Hon feels after Laser Treatment
4:56 Does laser have any radiation or side effects to the body?
5:21 Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment on model
6:32 Journey of another real haemorrhoids patients – En. Zam (Bahasa Malaysia)
7:29 Risk of recurrence after Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment
7:55 Open Haemorrhoidectomy
8:31 Stapler Haemorrhoidopexy
8:59 Laser Haemorrhoids Treatment
9:50 Comparison among 3 treatment options
11:21 Messages from Ms. Hon
11:35 Messages from En. Zam
11:56 Bring home message

This video “Laser Treatment For Hemorrhoids Malaysia | Real Hemorrhoids Patient and Doctor’s Perspective” is a collaboration with Perak Community Specialist Hospital, Ipoh, Malaysia.

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