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Lattice Degeneration | Retinal Laser Treatment

Dr. Vinay Garodia from Synergy Eye Care explains about Lattice Degeneration, it’s causes and treatment.

Lattice degeneration is a thinning of the retina in the periphery of the eye. It is more common in patients with high minus power. Because the retina is thinner here, it may develop retinal tear, break or hole easily. This can then lead to serious vision threatening retinal detachment.

Lattice degeneration does not have any symptoms. It is diagnosed by dilated retina check-up using indirect ophthalmoscopy by a retina specialist. Lattice degeneration can be kept under observation or be easily treated by retinal laser treatment or cryopexy. This treatment is done to prevent future vision loss and is very safe with practically no complications.

Every patient with high minus power above five Diopters minus five Diopters or those with family history of retina disease must get regular retina checkup done to look for these retinal lesions.

Synergy Eye Care and its retina specialist screen and treat this disease with excellent results.

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