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Maree Acne Patches with Natural Green Algae Extract & Tea Tree Oil for Hydrocolloid Acne Treatment – Cover and Reduce Zits, Pimples, Blemishes, Spots – Dermatologist Reviewed Marine Selfcare – 72 Dots

Price: $15.85
(as of Dec 30,2022 17:34:49 UTC – Details)

⭐️ WORKS FAST: Your acne patches work in 6 to 8 hours. You can improve looks overnight without the popping. Drug-free, dermatologist reviewed & tested to be gentle on sensitive skin.
⛅️ NATURAL EXTRACT: We have added natural tea tree oil extract & non-comedogenic green algae to support your clear, perfect, beautiful skin. Kick acne, blackheads, pimples, zits, and blemishes from your life!
💧 SAFE & EASY High-absorbent hydrocolloid is proven & safe to draw out pus and impurities. The medical-grade protective barrier will lower the chances of new breakouts. Elevate your skincare easily!
🌎 BRAND POLICIES – Our mission is to give and share joy. We do not make tests on Animals. Maree enrolls all selfcare beauty in Ocean protection programs.
🍀 AMERICAN BRAND We ethically and responsibly source best quality products for you from all over the world. Maree manufactures Super Acne Stickers in China. Formulated & designed in United States.

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