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Plastic Surgeon Reacts to Sharon Osbournes “horrendous” facelift

Sharon Osbourne is 69 years old and received a facelift back in October 2021, but she recently came out to explain her disgust with her “horrendous” facelift where she compares herself to a cyclops. Most of the quotes from the article were taken during the healing process, where you can expect to look your worst! In this video, Dr. Karam shares the difference between a good and bad facelift and everything you can expect during the healing process.

Healing after a facelift: 00:00
Sharon Osbournes Horrendous Facelift – 00:16
The difference between a Good facelift and a Bad Facelift – 1:07
Bad Facelift Outcomes – 01:38
Good Facelift Outcomes – 02:24
The healing process of a Facelift – 04:06
The most important factor when getting a facelift – 08:57

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