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Revision Facial Rejuvenation #casestudy

This 69-year-old lady had two previous facelift surgeries and buccal fat reduction by another surgeon causing severe facial deformities. She was unhappy with her facial appearance and still looked droopy and sunken looking.

To help her achieve her goals I performed the following:
✅ Revision Facelift (Tertiary)
✅ Revision Lower Neck Lift
✅ Facial Fat Grafting with PRP
✅ CO2 Laser Resurfacing
✅ Twilight Sedation (no general anesthesia)

This case demonstrates how sometimes it takes multiple procedures to recreate a rejuvenated but natural look. Her facial symmetry and skin texture were improved, and the hallowed areas of her face were filled out beautifully.

A highly sought-after facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati is renowned for his vast experience, expert surgical skills and stunningly beautiful yet natural cosmetic results.

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Guided by his unique artistic eye and extensive medical expertise, Dr. Kevin Sadati has helped thousands of individuals achieve their cosmetic goals and discover renewed confidence.

Always striving for perfection, Dr. Sadati is committed to providing each patient with exquisite results and the highest level of personalized care. As each individual he treats is unique, he gets to know his patients on a personal level to best understand their needs. After carefully assessing their goals, concerns and facial features as a whole, he develops a treatment plan that enhances their natural beauty and delivers the precise results they desire.

“Natural cosmetic results—especially on the face—require a highly skilled surgeon with a deep understanding of the human form. Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to perfecting my technique and delivering beautiful and natural results to thousands of patients in Orange County.

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