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Rosacea Laser for treatment of broken capillaries and facial redness

This patient had concerns with redness and visible capillaries or blood vessels on her skin. It would usually take a fair amount of make up to disguise the capillaries. However, after treatment using our Gemini laser, it was possible to reduce her redness and capillaries were reduced significantly. The Gemini laser emits a wavelength that is specifically attracted to oxyhaemoglobin in blood, which allows the capillaries to be specifically heated and shut down.

The Gemini laser treats facial capillaries and rosacea with the 532 nm KTP laser. The energy from this light is attracted to oxyhaemoglobin, a constituent of blood. This closes off any superficial blood vessels and reduces capillaries, redness, and flushing. Usually 1 to 3 treatments are required at monthly intervals. Because of its specificity to oxyhaemoglobin, the KTP laser is one of the best lasers for facial capillaries. There usually is some facial swelling after the procedure, and this may last for 3 days. There may also be an increased amount of redness (temporary) following the treatment.

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