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Scarlet Laser Treatment Procedure Steps

Scarlet Laser Treatment uses a high-quality radio frequency (RF) machine with fractional micro-needles. It delivers heat energy to the dermis directly to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and also remodeling dermal elastic fibers. This treatment does not use any foreign materials, instead, it simply increases your own regenerative capability. Since this treatment only stimulates inner dermis, it doesn’t damage the surface of your skin so there are no scars after the treatment. Scarlet Laser Treatment is recommended for those who want to have an even, satin-smooth and glowy skin. Uneven skin texture caused by fine wrinkles, visible pores, sagging skin, acne scars can be treated with Scarlet Laser Treatment. There is almost no downtime and you can put on make-up the next day! Furthermore, the clinic will offer you a calming session called “Cryotherapy” which will allow your skin to calm down after the treatment.


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