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She's Had Over 300 Plastic Surgery Procedures: China 'Medical Beauty' | Undercover Asia Sneaks

There’s a new type of ‘influencer’ in China – a ‘medical beauty talent’ makes a living getting and reviewing plastic surgeries. Some like Ouyang Ying Ying, age 34, even give talks and invite participants to touch her procedures. She has gotten over 300 procedures done including forehead fillers, scalp fillers, facial contouring and 4 nose surgeries.

Ying Ying’s reviews appear on So-Young, a beauty app with over 10 million users a month on average. The app rates a user’s face, and suggests procedures and available clinics.

00:00 Elf Ears
00:10 Chopstick Legs
00:15 Scalp fillers
00:33 A ‘medical beauty talent’ with over 300 plastic surgeries
01:23 So-Young app
02:44 Plastic Surgeon reveals popular requests

About Undercover Asia 9: CNA’s award-winning investigative series Undercover Asia returns for the ninth season to uncover two disturbing trends in China and the unexpected fallout from the pandemic in Asia and beyond.
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