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The Worlds Worst Plastic Surgeon

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Todays video will be discussing the little known story of an unlicensed surgeon in california named John Ronald Brown who performed hundreds of illegal black market transsexual surgeries and mutilated hundreds of marginalized transgender people in the process.

It also explores the circumstances and social attitudes which led to this surgeon going mostly undetected for almost three decades.

Historically transgender individuals have been very vulnerable in society due to the prejudice, this video explores some of the ways that happened while also telling the chilling story of a rogue surgeon.

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00:00 Start
00:11 Intro
01:23 Ad Read
03:44 Surgical Promo Video
04:46 First Consultation
07:36 Opening Credits
08:11 Who Is John Brown?
10:59 Transgender Surgery in the Mid 20th Century
13:11 Tell Me What You Don’t Like About Yourself?
13:29 Dr Brown Finds a Niche
15:30 Procedure Begins
16:00 Table Top Brown
20:09 Awake in Surgery
21:07 National Attention
23:33 Final Surgery

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