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The Worst Plastic Surgery Trend on Tiktok

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Have you ever heard of getting rid of your buccal fat? It’s the newest cosmetic procedure that’s been gaining traction all over TikTok and social media over the past few months. The new beauty standard is slimming down your face so you can show off your high cheekbones and slim side profile. People are getting this done after seeing multiple celebrities with significantly different faces – mainly Lea Michele and Bella Hadid who both used to have fuller cheeks. Just like most K-pop idols who started in the industry with plump cheeks but now have a V-shaped jaw line to fit the Asian beauty standard. The downside of everyone getting this procedure done is that losing volume in your face can make you age a lot faster and no one’s really talking about the cons. The Worst Plastic Surgery Trend on Tiktok #edvasian

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