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Treatment Processes for Skin Resurfacing in Franklin, MA

Aging, sun exposure and other lifestyle related issues contribute a lot to skin imperfections like scars, wrinkles, lines, blotches and so on. In order to fight against such concerns, skin resurfacing has emerged to be an optimal solution that helps your skin look younger and healthier. Antithetical to facelift procedures, skin resurfacing in Franklin seeks to improve the appearance of your skin by targeting superficial layers of skin. The procedure encompasses various non-invasive treatments that are made to revitalize skin.

Cosmetic surgeons in Franklin use a variety of techniques to address myriad of skin concerns. The most common procedures are-

Chemical peels

This method is administered by applying a chemical solution as salicylic acid, glycolic acid or carbolic acid to the facial skin. This solution further begins to blister the contacted skin surface. Once the actual level of blistering is achieved, the blister will peel off revealing a younger-looking and smoother complexion. The new layer of skin is extremely sensitive and should be taken well care of. The benefits include reduction in fine lines, improved appearance of face, reduction in sun damage marks and so on.

Laser Skin resurfacing

This is one of the recent innovations in non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments that can be performed on neck, chest, arms, hands which involve use of lasers beam of light energy to improve skin texture. The lasers heat up the skin below to promote new collagen growth and allow restoring skin’s tone. The treatment does not require downtime and offers lasting results for rejuvenating the appearance. The effects will definitely not appear overnight and take few weeks to several months.


This treatment is recommended for people with a fairer skin tone. The procedure involves removing top layers of skin by using an abrasive instrument. Effective for treating rolling scars and hyperpigmentation, Dermabrasion encourages new skin form without the imperfection of scars.


It is one of the cosmetic procedures that exfoliates the layer of dead skin and dry cells. At the time of treatment, mineral crystals are brushed onto the skin exfoliating it by removing oil, dirt and dead skin cell. It is extremely effective for acne sufferers because it helps keep outbreaks to a minimum. The treatment is completely free from side effects.

Skin resurfacing in Franklin performed by certified professionals is becoming popular with long-term benefits. One can easily check the noticeable improvement in overall appearance of facial skin tone, skin texture, thereby offering a younger and confident look.

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