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Various Effects of Cosmetic Laser Treatment, and the Right Age for Laser Skin Treatment

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): The Natural Filler

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New York facial cosmetic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews the possible risks of overuse of lasers and other thermal devices, the limitations of thermal treatments; the negative impact of aggressive laser treatments on younger patients as they grow older; and potential thermal treatments when considering age and skin type:

0:20 – Introduction to laser treatments

1:33 – Dr. Prasad’s credentials in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and oculofacial plastic surgery

2:13 – How Dr. Prasad uses his surgical experience to also perform non-surgical treatments

2:59 – The treatment functions of lasers and thermal energy devices

3:50 – How CO2 and erbium lasers are used

4:19 – How clear expectations of results help in selecting the appropriate laser for the patient’s skin issue

4:38 – Why avoiding aggressive laser treatments is necessary for people in their 20s and 30s

6:07 – Why high-temperature laser treatment does not mean more collagen is induced

6:23 – The negative impact of aggressive laser treatments on younger people as they grow older

6:44 – Dr. Prasad’s approach to acne scars

7:00 – What PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is

7:11 – How a non-ablative laser is used, and its benefits

7:52 – How Dr. Prasad treats age-related changes in the skin

8:23 – How an erbium laser is used, and its benefits

8:40 – How to address deeper lines and facial volume loss due to aging

9:29 – How to address crow’s feet lines with neurotoxins like Botox®

9:45 – How to address the appearance of jowls

10:13 – Why significant skin laxity cannot be lifted with a thermal treatment alone

10:44 – How overexposure and overheating from using thermal devices can result in facial volume loss

11:17 – How bone volume loss due to aging is one of the most significant reasons for the skin appearing like it’s lax or sagging

11:37 – How some practitioners claim thermal devices can lift the skin, but are actually shrink-wrapping the skin to diminished bone structure

11:56 – Dr. Prasad shares effective procedures to address bone volume loss such as Structural Volumizing that uses deep placement of hyaluronic acid fillers

13:18 – How lasers are used to improve skin quality for people aged 50 and over

13:38 – The importance of consulting with a trusted physician about the safety and effectiveness of hyped thermal devices

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