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What is the cost of laser treatment for acne & burn scars? – Dr. Rasya Dixit

Unfortunately or fortunately we have to many varieties of laser right from the carbondioxide , the Q switched Nd-Yag laser, the fractional laser, erbium lasers, microneedle RF treatment, tixel treatment. So there are variety of treatments available for the doctor to choose from and for the patient to choose from. Especially in this the treatments that are more expensive are the fractional microneedle RF treatment and then the Q switched Nd –Yag systems because these machines use some consumable part, these treatments are priced a little higher. It doesn’t mean that they are more effective, it means they have to be used for specific circumstances especially in deep scars in patients who have darker skin. When we have to chose we have to chose the microneedle RF treatment and when we chose it is a little more pricier than the other systems of laser. The second thing is what is the area of treatment of laser because some may have acne scars only on the cheek. Others may have on the whole face including forehead, chest, back , neck. Depending on the area of treatment the cost varies from clinic to clinic, city to city, the cost is very varied. On an average the fractional laser system that covers about 5*5 m that is 25 square centimetres, costs around 5000 rupees. So this is a ballpark figure which doctors usually work around and then it might be about a 1000 rupees more or a 1000 rupees less but this is around the cost of treatment . Microneedle RF systems cost more, say about 2500 extra over baseline 5000 rupees and same is the case with Q switched Nd-Yag system. When the areas extended and it starts covering the hole of the back, the whole of the chest the lasers have to be done, then the cost tends to fall again because with cumulative use of the laser, the cost of the treatment comes down. Doctors also tend to add on PRP treatments or combine the systems. So it might not be that you are going to combine the treatment of laser, you might have to have multiple sessions. Speak to your dermatologist abut the treatment and whatever the treatment options they are giving they can give you the cost of treatment more accuratively.

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