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What is vitiligo? Laser treatment for vitiligo – Dr Rajdeep Mysore | Doctors' Circle

Vitiligo is a kind of inflammatory condition where certain cells called as melanocyctes that produce the colour in the skin called as melanin, they get damaged. In early stages of vitiligo, melanocytes are alive and any kind of treatment can bring back colour to the skin. In very late stages when the melanocytes are destroyed, surgical options and melanocytes from other areas are transplanted to the affected patch. So basically vitiligo is a condition which causes white patches all over the body. It is very common in India. Laser treatment for vitiligo includes areas called as excimer laser. Excimer laser produces a wavelength of 308 nm which stimulates these melanocytes. So in very early stages, usually less than 6 months of the starts in of the disease excimer laser causes excellent results. it causes repigmentation of the skin however we have to understand that if there is no regimentation after using the laser for 2 months that means there are no melanocytes and we do other treatment like surgical treatment for viitligo. One more important thing to remember is that viitligo cannot be treated by surgery always. It can be treated only when the disease is stable. When the disease is active in the body and w do a surgery, then the surgery is going to fail. So excimer laser is one of the safest and effective most effective treatment currently for vitilgo.

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