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When Beauty Goes Too Far: The Danger of Plastic Surgery

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Welcome to Dark Dives, a new series where we explore the murky and devious depths of humanity. This goes beyond corporate greed and get rich quick schemes, beyond shady products and questionable CEOs. Here, we take a look at the very worst of humanity, to see what evil people are truly capable of.

Who hasn’t wanted their tummy a bit flatter, their lips a bit bigger, and an entirely different butt? Cosmetic surgeries certainly aren’t uncommon, but the way that they’re advertised to us can be concerning, especially when the shady world around influencer surgeries isn’t well-regulated whatsoever.

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00:00 Extreme Surgeries
02:51 Normalizing Surgeries
07:38 Consequences
12:25 Shady Dealings
17:34 Regulation
22:49 Outro

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