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Why does Gwen Stefani no longer look like Gwen Stefani?? Plastic Surgeon Reacts

Have you seen Gwen Stefani’s new look in the news lately? The conversation is mainly about how she no longer looks like herself, and the question I am asked the most as a plastic surgeon is, “how do I get a facelift and still look like myself?” The truth is, can be done! My approach is to make you look as young as you feel by making you look like a younger version of yourself – NOT like someone different. In this video, Dr. Karam breaks down Gwen Stefani’s before and after appearances, as well as going over what you can do to avoid bad plastic surgery.

00:00 Plastic Surgeon Reacts to Gwen Stefani’s Facelift
04:35 Why and How Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong
07:05 Why Might a Facelift Look Unnatural?
10:10 Choosing the Right Surgeon: Technique
14:40 Addressing Aging with Skincare
15:19 How to Achieve a Natural-Looking Result

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