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WushXiao DIY Tooth Gem Kit with Glue and Curing Light, Teeth Crystals Jewelry Gem Kit, Teeth Gems Kit with 60Pieces Crystals and Cheek Retractor 、Gem Picker and Other Accessories

Price: $22.99
(as of Sep 01,2023 05:03:12 UTC – Details)

Tooth gem kit:

1.Complete DIY kit: The same popular kit from TikTok, the official starter kit with Light and Glue, including Cotton Rolls, Bonding Resin, Gems, and UV Lights, allowing you to DIY immediately after receiving the package, the most reliable and affordable DIY kit.

2. Simple and fun process: The easiest and safest DIY, so that customers who are not good at handwork can quickly get started.

3. Reliable materials: using the latest resin glue, the most reliable teeth diamonds, The quality is guaranteed, it does not affect daily life, you can brush your teeth or eat without falling out (because our teeth have different texture, shape and size, results may vary).

Kit package includes:

1 x Box Gem

1 x Gems Picker

1 x UV wooden sticks Bonding Resin

1 x LED mini keychain

10 x Disposable micro applicators brushes

6 x Cotton Rolls

8 steps to complete tooth gem pasting:

1.Cut the mouth of the glue bottle.

2.Clean the tooth that is going to stick to the Crystal.

3.Cotton stick is stained with glue.

4.Apply a little glue to the clean teeth.

5.Pick up Crystal with the gems picker.

6.Stick the Crystal to the tooth with glue.

7.UV LED light for 60 seconds.

8.When the glue solidifies, it can be finished.

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